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How May Injured Oil and Gas Workers Obtain Relief?

Litton Law Firm April 5, 2022

The Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Code requires employers to cover injuries from job accidents. Even if you face high risks working for an oil or gas company, an on-the-job injury qualifies for workers’ comp benefits. Your employer’s insurance pays for job-related medical treatment and rehabilitation.

You may also receive financial support while healing, as noted by the Oklahoma Workers Compensation Court of Existing Claims’ website. To qualify for weekly benefits, your employment-related injury must prevent you from working for at least seven days. Payments generally may not exceed 70% of the average amount of your weekly paychecks.

On-The-Job Injuries in Oil and Gas Extraction

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration notes that oil and gas workers face a range of worksite dangers. Fires, explosions and falling reflect common on-the-job accidents. Employees entering confined spaces such as storage tanks may face flammable gases that could explode or ignite.

Health hazards in oil and gas extraction include exposure to harmful chemicals. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services notes that employees working on well sites face exposure to toxic vapors and gases. Exposure may cause dizziness or lead to severe cardiac issues.

Accidents that Result in Death

When an accident leads to death, surviving spouses and dependents may receive benefits. As reported by Insurance Journal, a 2018 decision made by the Oklahoma Supreme Court allows employees to file lawsuits for damages against oil and gas companies. Families may also file a wrongful death action to obtain relief for a loved one’s fatal workplace accident.

If you experienced an injury or illness from working in oil and gas, you may file a claim for workers’ comp benefits. If a family member’s work accident caused his or her death, a legal action may provide the relief required to move forward.