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Truck Accident Attorney in
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Dedicated Representation In Oklahoma Truck Accidents

Oklahoma is a main thoroughfare for the delivery of goods to all points of the United States. As such, truck traffic on our highways is extremely high and seems to be on the increase across the state. With more trucks on the road comes the increased possibility of accidents involving them. When these accidents occur due to truck driver negligence, equipment failure or other causes, victims have the right to be fully compensated for their medical care and any other losses they suffer as a result of the accident.

If you have been injured in a truck accident that you did not cause, it is important that you seek the advice of a qualified Oklahoma personal injury attorney with the ability to properly handle your case. At Litton Law Firm in Oklahoma City, we represent clients through the state in all types of big rig and commercial truck accident claims. We understand the types of injuries that can happen in these cases, and we know the best approach to securing the compensation you deserve.

We Fight to See that All Negligent Parties Are Held Accountable

In any truck accident case, great care must be taken to ensure that all negligent parties are identified. Depending on the exact cause of the accident, it may be possible that the driver, the trucking company, the truck manufacturer and others can all be held accountable for the harm suffered by the victims. We conduct thorough investigations in order to identify all negligent parties.

The negligent parties in truck accidents have a lot to lose if they are found liable for the damage that occurs in these accidents, and they hire the best lawyers in the state to try to avoid paying the claim. You deserve representation from an advocate who will fight just as hard for you, your family and your future. With nearly 30 years of experience resolving complex injury claims, you can rest assured that everything possible will be done in an effort to secure the maximum level of compensation available.

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Commercial Carriers And Insurance

When a semi-truck is involved in a collision, the damage is often catastrophic. Truck crashes are more likely to cause serious injury due to the difference in size of the vehicles and the mass of the tractor-trailer. Serious injuries lead to larger medical bills, more time spent out of work and generally a larger need for compensation to help the victim moving forward. Commercial truck operators are required to carry larger insurance policies than ordinary drivers. The larger policies mean that the insurance company on the hook for your injuries is highly motivated to avoid paying proper compensation. Trucking companies and their insurers are notorious for making things difficult on the people injured in truck accidents.

Trucking Company Regulations

In addition to carrying more insurance, there are a number of factors that make truck accidents different from other motor vehicle accidents. Commercial carriers are subject to state and federal regulations regarding driver working conditions and training, truck maintenance, record keeping and more. Negligence in a truck accident is different from other types of personal injury. It is important to find an attorney with experience not just in personal injury law, but it trucking accidents specifically. These cases are more complicated and require a knowledgeable lawyer to handle them correctly.

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