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Distracted Driving Accident
Attorney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Speak to An Attorney if You Were Hit by A Driver Who Was Texting While Driving

Despite a statewide ban on texting while driving, Oklahoma motorists are injured on a near-daily basis in accidents caused by drivers who refuse to obey the law. These careless individuals can and should be held accountable for the harm they cause, and an experienced Oklahoma personal injury lawyer can help to ensure that your interests are fully protected.

At Litton Law Firm in Oklahoma City, we dedicate our entire practice to helping injury victims. These are complex cases that deserve the attention of an attorney who is as driven to obtain a positive outcome as you are. We understand the challenges victims can face following a serious car accident. We will be there with you at every step, diligently pursuing the justice you deserve.

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Presenting the Most Compelling Possible Case in Support of Your Claim for Damages

In many cases, the distracted drivers and their insurance companies will attempt to deny responsibility for your injuries and may even attempt to place the blame on you. We conduct thorough investigations in order to gather the evidence we need to present the strongest possible case on your behalf. We obtain the negligent driver’s phone records to show any activity on his or her phone at the time of the accident. When appropriate, we hire an accident reconstructionist who can provide valuable insight into how the accident happened and the speeds that were involved.

In addition to proving negligence, we must also prove your losses and how they will impact you over the short and long term. We work closely with your medical team to understand the full extent of your injuries and work to ensure that your property losses have been given fair consideration. We also explore the possibility of damages for pain and suffering and all other considerations relevant to your claim.

Discuss Your Case with A Qualified Oklahoma City Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

Although texting is the most highly publicized form of distracted driving, anything that takes a drivers attention away from the road can result in a serious accident. We handle cases involving all types of distracted driving, and we will fight to see that you receive maximum compensation. Please call or contact us via email to schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer.