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A Simple Trip or Slip Can Cause Serious Injury

When grocery store employees do not put up caution signs on wet floors, it can be an accident waiting to happen. Unfortunately, many public places are not maintained as they should be. This can cause people to trip and fall or slip and fall. Even if a person catches themselves, they can still break a wrist, smash an elbow or throw out their back. Sometimes people fall backward and shatter their tailbone, or they suffer whiplash or a serious brain injury.

Over 30 years ago, attorney Mark Litton founded our firm, Litton Law Firm, in Oklahoma City. Since then, we have helped hundreds of victims and their families understand their rights to maximum compensation. No matter where you fell or slipped, call our office and talk to us about what happened. We will advise you of your right to pursue compensation from the liable party and let you know what you need to do next. The consult is free. You are under no obligation to pursue a lawsuit or even negotiations with the insurance company, but you should know what your options are.

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The Four Things a Slip-And-Fall Case Requires

If you or a loved one falls or trips and is injured, you may have a premises liability case. To win compensation in this type of case four things must be proven. It must be shown that:

  • There was a dangerous condition.

  • The liable party knew or should have known about this condition.

  • The liable party failed to take action to fix the issue.

  • The responsible party was negligent.

Slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall cases can happen anywhere. A slippery or uneven surface, clutter, electrical cords, poor lighting and weather can cause a hazard. Property owners, security companies and managers are responsible for keeping the premises safe. When they know about a hazard but fail to fix it, they are liable.

The most common places trip-and-fall or slip-and-fall injuries occur are parking lots, bars and restaurants, workplaces, construction sites, grocery stores, public restrooms and even hospitals.

Protect Your Right to Compensation After a Fall

After tripping and falling or slipping and falling in Oklahoma, you have two years to seek compensation. We can help you understand the process, what you are able to recover compensation for, and how to determine negligence. Call or send our team a connection email at the firm. If you hit your head when you fell, even just a “bump,” seek immediate medical attention.