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Burn Injury Attorney in
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The Life-Long Trauma of a Burn Injury

All serious injuries are painful and tragic. However, the pain, loss of mobility, scarring and emotional trauma of a burn injury often require more hospitalization and medical care, lasts longer, and are more physically debilitating than other types of injuries.

At Litton Law Firm, our founder, attorney Mark Litton, has over 30 years of Oklahoma City area personal injury experience. Whether you or your loved one was burned on the job; in a car, truck or motorcycle crash; or in another tragic event, you need a strong advocate to ensure that your case is quickly assessed and the best possible outcome is pursued.

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Where Burn Injuries Happen

Unfortunately, wherever there is fire or fire potential, a serious burn injury can take place. In personal injury claims most burn accidents and injuries happen:

  • In the commercial kitchen: To chefs, cooks, servers, maintenance and other kitchen staff

  • In a motor vehicle accident: To drivers, passengers and even bystanders

  • In production plants and factories: To line workers, electricians, industrial workers and machinists

  • Product failure or defect: To people using heating pads, stoves, furnaces, electrical appliances or space heaters at home or at work. When defective, these appliances can become hot, start fires or explode

Burn injuries often include smoke or chemical inhalation. Your case may involve damage to your face, throat, lungs and chest. With over 30 years of successful Oklahoma personal injury law experience, attorney Mark Litton can quickly and accurately assess your case and let you know what to do next. Our team offers personal representation that is dedicated to pursuing the maximum compensation allowed.

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The team at Litton Law Firm offers a steadfast commitment to protecting your interests. Please call and find out how we can help you obtain the maximum compensation you need and deserve after a burn injury. If your loved one lost their life in a fire, please reach out to us. You can also connect with us by sending a website connect email.