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Fatal Car & Truck Accident
Attorney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Experienced Legal Assistance in Handling Fatal Car and Truck Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents could have severe or fatal consequences for the parties involved. At Litton Law Firm, we advocate for injury victims’ rights and best interests. We are also ready to fight and get justice for those left behind after a fatal accident.

From car injury victims to those facing the aftermath of a trucking accident, our lawyers represent the rights of injured victims due to a third party’s reckless and negligent actions. We understand the complexities involved in each case and have the experience it takes to protect your rights before insurance companies and all the relevant parties.

Your Case Is Not Just Another Number to Us

As we see it, every number in the fatal crashes statistics represents a loved one, a family member or perhaps the primary provider for a whole family. Thus, when we discuss the fatal car or truck accident that involved your loved one, we will consider the following factors to fight for the compensation you deserve:

  • Economic damages and other expenses, including funeral and burial expenses and loss of income

  • Noneconomic losses, such as loss of companionship and pain and suffering

We know the challenging times that you may be experiencing. Our goal is to assist you in fighting for your right to a wrongful death settlement that will help you cover your needs so you can focus on your welfare and your family’s.

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Knowledgeable and Dependable Legal Counsel After Car Accidents

Throughout their years of experience, our attorneys have handled cases involving car collisions. We know how insurance companies will try to minimize your settlement or even blame the victim for the accident. Based on this knowledge, we will use the evidence to build solid arguments to fight back and recover your rightful compensation.

Handling the Intricacies Around Trucking Accidents

Accidents involving trucks can lead to devastating consequences because of the size and weight disparity between the vehicles. Commercial truckers are subject to different rules than car drivers. For example, if a truck driver caused an accident, the trucking company could also be held liable for the damages caused. Other regulations that apply to truck drivers could complicate the process of seeking justice and fair compensation. Our lawyers are familiar with all the intricacies involved in a trucking accident and are ready to assist you.

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