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Inclement Weather and Reckless Driving

Litton Law Firm April 18, 2022

Whether you find yourself behind the wheel during heavy rainfall or you drive during intense fog, there are many different weather-related traffic accident risk factors to watch out for. Sadly, some drivers do not pay close attention to these risks, such as those who speed when conditions are poor. Reckless driving becomes particularly dangerous when road conditions are poor due to weather-related risks, and these drivers need to answer for the outcome of an accident.

It is vital to go over some of the weather-related hazards that affect the road.

Adverse Weather Conditions and Traffic Collisions

The Federal Highway Administration provides an overview of various ways in which bad weather can lead to traffic collisions. For example, fog can not only prevent drivers from seeing the road and other vehicles, but it can also result in speed variance, which makes a collision more probable.

Precipitation such as heavy rain and snowfall can also affect visibility as well as a vehicle’s performance. In addition, wind can interfere with visibility due to wind-blown dust and smoke. Wind can also cause debris to obstruct lanes and interfere with traffic, such as fallen tree branches.

Negligent Driving During Bad Weather

When visibility is poor or roads become slick due to bad weather, irresponsible driving is especially likely to cause a crash. If a driver goes too fast around a turn, fails to yield or operates a vehicle while intoxicated, the risk of a crash increases during poor weather conditions. If you are struggling with the consequences of a traffic crash, you need to go over the details of the collision carefully and seek justice if another driver’s negligence led to the accident.