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Prior Injuries and Workers’ Compensation

Litton Law Firm March 13, 2023

Reliable Legal Counsel Through the Complexities of Workers’ Comp Involving Prior Injuries

Work injuries often leave the injured workers unable to perform their job duties. Injuries may occur while working for different employers and could worsen after new damage occurs. If you or a loved one are currently facing this situation, you have options and rights under Oklahoma worker’s compensation law. Just because you have had a prior injury and medical treatment to the same body part, doesn’t automatically mean you don’t have a new claim for injury if you reinjured yourself at work.

At Litton Law Firm, we fight for the rights of injured workers every day. Workers’ compensation law in Oklahoma has undergone four major changes since 2005 and minor changes may be made soon by the Oklahoma Legislature. We are well-versed in Oklahoma workers’ compensation law and the entire process of claims for worker’s compensation. We strive to maximize your benefits. We have also helped permanently incapacitated workers recover benefits under the Oklahoma Multiple Injury Trust Fund (MITF).

Dedicated and Zealous Fighters for Your Rights as A Permanently Disabled Worker

The MITF is a fund set up to cover employees who have suffered more than one on the job injury and because of the cumulative effect of those injuries, they can no longer work. It is funded from numerous sources including a 3% tax on all awards and settlements of Claimants, insurance premiums, and from insurance carriers and employers. If you suffered a work-related injury and recently settled your case or received a final award from a judge, have had one or more previous and successful workers’ comp claims, and are no longer able to work because of the cumulative effect of your prior work-related injuries, you may be eligible to receive benefits from the MITF. However, you must comply with specific requirements, and that is where we are ready to help you. Our lawyers will help you learn and understand your rights to develop legal solutions accordingly.

Some considerations include:

  • The major cause of your injury should be work-related.

  • This benefit lasts for 15 years or until reaching the age of 65, whichever period is longer.

  • You may claim MITF benefits if an injury you suffered in your current job affected previous injuries and led to more significant damage than without the earlier injuries.

Our attorneys can help you learn about your eligibility for this benefit and file all the necessary paperwork for you. We understand that each case is unique. Therefore, one of our priorities is to get to know your situation in detail, including the extent of your medical needs and other vital factors, to ensure you are granted fair compensation.

We Understand Your Needs and Are Ready to Fight for You

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