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What Injuries Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Litton Law Firm April 8, 2022

Workers’ compensation will help you to get benefits when you suffer an injury on the job. This insurance program is something your employer pays for, and it provides you with help on a no-fault basis. The whole idea is to help avoid lengthy and costly court battles over work injuries.

The Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission explains that while workers’ compensation covers most on-the-job injuries, there are some situations where you may not be able to qualify for benefits.

The Circumstances

To qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, you must suffer the injury during the course of your work duties. If you are not on the clock or you are doing something that is not a part of your job, you may not have coverage.

Bad Decisions

Sometimes workers’ compensation will cover injuries where a bad decision led to your accident. For example, if you made an honest mistake that led to an injury, you will usually qualify for coverage. However, intentional acts could disqualify you. A good example is if you are using drugs or alcohol while working. In most cases, if you fail substance tests, you will not get benefits.

Intentional Injuries

If you intentionally injure yourself, you cannot get benefits. Usually, this will come out during the claims process because your employer’s insurer will do an investigation of your claim and the circumstances of your injury before approving you for benefits.

Mental Injuries

The law only requires workers’ compensation to cover mental injuries when they accompany a physical injury. The only exception is if a violent crime on the job led to an injury, such as a mass shooting that causes mental trauma.

Workers’ compensation will usually cover most injuries you suffer on the job, but it is helpful to know the exceptions.